What (REALLY) happens when you say ‘No’ to presents?

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You have to be wondering, how are all of these parents getting away with hosting charity parties? Maybe your kid loves hoarding loads of toys, unwrapping mounds of brightly covered gifts, and you’re probably thinking there is absolutely. no. way. they would go for this. Well maybe it’s time we shared some of our insider info.

Here’s what really happens when you eliminate birthday gifts from your kids’ party…

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Summer Bucket List for Kindness

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We are exactly half way through the official summer season, and the great news is there’s still time to teach kids an important (but fun) lesson in kindness.

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Bright Ideas for a Summer Birthday Glow Party

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Summer is fun!
Being outside on Summer nights is even more fun!
Throwing a the best backyard birthday party where everything glows….The Most Fun!

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Turn Kids’ “I’m Bored” into a Summer Project to Change the World

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School is out for summer and even though the official start of summer is still a few weeks away parents may already be dreading the two words “I’m. Bored.”

Maybe you’re still in vacation mode or have an exciting trip planned, if so lucky for you, but if not then you’re probably wondering how long it will be until those words strike. We say it’s all about perspective and that every bored moment is an opportunity, an opportunity to give, volunteer, a chance to change the world! Continue reading “Turn Kids’ “I’m Bored” into a Summer Project to Change the World”

Charity Birthday Parties Don’t Have to Be All or Nothing, Have the Best of Both Worlds

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The birthday party topic of the year: Gifts or No Gifts. This has become a touchy subject across forums on Reddit, Twitter and Mom Blogs everywhere.

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Changing the World is Hard Work, We Love It!

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Kids Can Give Too is often featured in news segments and family publications, but this might be our favorite spotlight yet!

Thanks to our friends at the Grand Strand Technology Council we present you: 
Changing the World One Birthday At A Time

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10 Rookie Birthday Party Mistakes

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The Best Kid’s Books About Kindness

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Easy to Make Kid Birthday Cakes

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Cakes are an important centerpiece for any kids’ birthday party! Some parents choose to leave it to the professionals but we wanted to remind you that any parent has the power to create a party worthy cake that wows…here are a few of our favorite, creative cake trends that kids love. 

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The Ultimate Kid’s Party Food List

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Just because kid’s party planning has become a competitive sport between parents, doesn’t mean the menu has to be complex! Kids love simple and these easy birthday party food ideas from a few of our favorite bloggers will allow a creative twist on the foods kids (and adults) love so much!  

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