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10 Benefits of Hosting A Charitable Birthday

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Charities are everywhere. Every time you shop, walk around your town, see an ASPCA Everybody wins with Kids Can Give Too Charitable Birthday Partiescommercial you are asked to donate. As adults, we understand the impact that giving has on the great work of these organizations, but children need an experience that’s a little more memorable….like pairing a giving opportunity with a birthday! 

Charity birthdays are perfect opportunities for kids to both give and receive. Here are 10 reasons to make your child’s next milestone a charitable one

1. It’s a trendy and new birthday party concept.

2. Giving makes people happy.

3. A guest doesn’t have to shop, wrap, tape or deliver.

4. Pairing a child with a charity builds an understanding of a cause and what they accomplish.

5. It may inspire other party guests to host their own charitable birthday party.

6. Opportunity for your child to show off their giving heart and a moment to be proud of. 

7. Teaches empathy, in a world of “gimme.”

8. It’s earth friendly, no more extra trash from gift wrap.

9. Eliminates unwanted gifts and clutter.

10. Kids rarely remember what they got for their birthdays, but almost always remember what they gave! To prove this we visited a local park to ask 2 simple questions, you’ll be surprised by what these kids said: Watch Here.

Sharing a little means a lot! If you choose to have a Kids Can Give Too birthday party your child will give half of their gifts to the charity of their choice and get a portion on a VISA Gift Card to buy a meaningful gift. 

Giving your child a chance to choose their birthday gift is an important twist for our charitable birthday concept. It is important for your child to feel accomplished and proud of sharing their special day and we think it’s important for them to also have a special gift for their birthday. This way they get exactly what they want plus a lesson in giving that they will remember for a lifetime!

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