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10 Rookie Birthday Party Mistakes

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Planning the perfect kids birthday party is a reality, as long as you avoid these ’10 Rookie’ Birthday Party Mistakes…..


1. Spending a Fortune on the Decorations
Let’s be honest when it comes to a kids birthday party the decor is probably more for the adults than the kids. We don’t want to discourage any parent from throwing their kid the ultimate birthday party, however there are lots of money saving ideas on Pinterest that will give you a posh-party vibe without breaking the bank!

2. Sending Out Invitations Too Late
Parent’s need a few weeks notice to plan their lives, especially if you have an active child whose friends are equally as involved in extracurricular activities. Sending out invitations too early might risk to be forgotten but there’s nothing wrong with a follow up reminder (text or note).

Note: When you register your party with Kids Can Give Too the system is set-up to send a set of reminders as your party date nears.

3. Inviting Too Many Kids
Or excluding one or two kids from the group. Need we say more?

4. Expecting Party Guest Parents to Read Your Mind
Be clear about whether or not you are allowing guests to bring siblings. Also be clear of your expectations on whether it is a drop off party or if parents are expected to stay.

5. Too Much Food or Not Enough Food
Even professional birthday party planner would agree that this is the biggest challenge of party planning. You no longer have to plan, plot and calculate while planning food, drinks and dessert thanks to this handy chart which explains exactly how much of the thing you are serving you should prepare per guest. Add in a little extra because who doesn’t love leftover party food!

6. Too Much Sugar
Of course go for the birthday cake, but maybe consider sending the additional candy or sugary treats home as the party favor. There’s nothing quite more terrifying than a group of kids crashing from a sugar overdose. (Also see 9 and 10)

7. Not Planning for A Helping Hand
Kid parties can be overwhelming. Ask for an extra hand from a close friend, neighbor or consider hiring your former babysitter to help coordinate activities and party games. Then you will have a time to visit with your guests and enjoy the party too.

8. Forgetting to Plan a Backup Plan
You know the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This goes for not only the weather but activities too! Have a go to location for rain. Plan a game or two in case young guests get antsy.

9. Not Setting A Party End Time (Especially if it’s a Sleepover)
Kids birthday parties have a sweet spot. It’s that perfect amount of time where kids are all happy, energized and still getting along. Plan your party time based on the activities you have planned and be clear to your guests’ parents on pick up times or if you would like them to attend. If you’re having a Kids Can Give Too Party we’ve got you covered when we ask in your party set up with “Is this a Drop Off Party?”

10. Giving Plastic Party Favors
Not a fan? Most your party guests’ parents probably aren’t either. Here’s your chance to add your creative touch to your party and wow your party guests! Candy Buffets make great pack and take gifts, or try a game or activity that kids will actually use. Whatever you decide to gift, Just Say NO to plastic rings and things.

Need help with your invitations? How about managing your gifts?

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