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15 Birthday Party Hacks Parents Should Know

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Birthday Party Hacks

Birthday party planning can be stressful for any parent. You have to plan the menu, theme, location, party favors, the guest list and the cake. It takes a lot of time and resources, but with a few birthday party hacks you’ll be throwing the perfect party in no time! 

Here are a list of our favorite party hacks that will not only save you time, but most importantly they will save you cash too! 

  1. Use DuckTape with designs to customize water bottles or Avery also makes a label.
  2. Pre-scoop your ice cream into cupcake liners inside a muffin tin. You’ll avoid the sticky, melted ice cream mess during your party. 
  3. For invitations, RSVP and easy gift management use KidsCanGiveToo.com.
    You won’t have to worry with bringing home a mountain of gifts to fill your home or cleaning up the wrapping paper at the party for that matter and your kids will love it too!
  4. Use Golf Tees to secure balloons to the ground
  5. Muffin tins work great for serving condiments for food or holding paint/craft supplies
  6. Have kids decorate their cupcake as an activity. Then put them all on a tray for display until you sing Happy Birthday
  7. Don’t spend money on fancy balloons. Decorate your plain balloons with polka-dots by using office supply round stickers or glue on pom-poms you find in the craft department
  8. Use cupcake liners and straws to cover open glasses to keep bugs out of drinks during outdoor parties
  9. Use dental floss to cut the cake
  10. Thanks to The Chicabug Blog there’s now a chart to know exactly how much food you need to serve at your party. 
  11. Not all cake lettering has to be in icing. Get creative with candy. You can use stencils with taffy, fruit roll ups or sprinkles to create letters & designs
  12. Freeze water balloons to keep food on ice, but dry
  13. No Helium? No Problem! Just add vinegar into a water bottle then pour baking soda into the mouth of the balloon. Hook the mouth to the top of the water bottle and as you pour the baking soda into the vinegar the balloon will inflate
  14. Before you put candy in the pinata, make an individual bag for each child attending that way there won’t be tears or fights over the candy that falls
  15. Download this FREE Birthday Party Planning Guide that includes a birthday planning checklist so that you can remember everything you need in one single trip to the store! 

For more birthday hacks for party decorations, recipes, craft ideas or themes check out our Pinterest page. If you’re looking for an easy way to teach your child a lesson in giving while insuring they get the gift of their dreams check out Kids Can Give Too. You’ll turn your little “getter” into a “giver” by allowing them to choose a charity to share 1/2 of their birthday gifts with, but there’s a twist with this charity birthday party concept! They will also get a percentage back on a VISA Gift Card to buy a special gift for themselves. It’s like all of their friends throwing in on a group gift! 


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