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21 Fun Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

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When you’re just starting to plan a kids’ birthday party, it’s easy to get overwhelmed just about immediately. There are so many things to think about: wrangling dozens of children, sending out invitations, buying decorations and party favors, avoiding food allergies, cleaning up afterwards…not to mention tying it all together with a killer theme that the birthday kid will love.

Forget the logistics for a second—what makes a great kids’ birthday party theme? Here at Kids Can Give Too, we think that great party themes are specific enough to trigger kids’ imaginations, but still leave room for play and creativity.

Unless you have some major connections and you can get the actual Captain America for a junior stunt session or Idina Menzel to lead a Frozen sing-a-long, you’re going to need some fresh ideas to keep your party guests engaged, having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

When it comes to a birthday party theme, you want something that showcases your child’s personality and interests and lends itself to entertainment and activities—a theme that fosters a group dynamic so everybody has fun.

A great birthday party theme also guarantees that the party isn’t all about the presents; it’s about the friends, fun, and activities rather than a big pile of gifts. If that sounds like a welcome change, you may want to take it a step further and avoid the post-party wrapping paper Armageddon all together.

Kids Can Give Too exists to help parents and kids combine giving to a charity with the kind of gift your kid will really love: a gift card that he or she can use to buy the perfect birthday present. And, giving back can tie in with pretty much any birthday party theme! Just click here to learn more about how Kids Can Give Too works.

Birthday Party Themes Your Kid Will Love

A great party theme lets you fuse together decorations, crafts, and other activities into an experience all the kids will enjoy and remember. Here are 21 ideas that can help you make your kid’s next birthday one to remember.

21 Ideas for a Fun and Memorable Birthday Party:

  • Backyard camping (ideal for pairing with Camp Kemo)
  • Open mic with skits, jokes, and songs
  • Fashion show (cut up old clothes and make new ones)
  • Make your own pizza party
  • Shark-themed pool party (to benefit the Marine Mammal Stranding Center)
  • Hair braiding & styling
  • “Tattoos” and face-painting
  • Water balloons and slippery slides (try pairing with Water.org)
  • Geology (hide colorful rocks like Easter eggs)
  • Zoo party (pair with Heifer International)
  • Chocolate fondue
  • Learn magic tricks
  • Chef party with lots of ingredients (to benefit No Kid Hungry)
  • Photography/photo treasure hunt
  • Simple science experiments (to benefit Teach My People)
  • Aliens & UFOs
  • Gardening or a garden tea party
  • Superheroes and comic books (kids can make up their own secret identities)
  • Field day games and sports (paired with the Grand Strand Miracle Leagues)
  • Travel/foreign language (teach them a few words and quiz them for a prize
  • Penguins—everybody loves penguins!

Remember, the theme doesn’t need to be extremely trendy or juvenile—it just has to be something that will allow the kids to have fun and leave room for creativity. Talk to your child and see which ideas or charities get them pumped, and then have fun planning it with them. 

Ready to try one of these unique party themes? 

Make sure you don’t miss any details–download our Birthday Party Planning Guide today! 

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