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4 Free Tech Tools Every Charity Should Be Using

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At Kids Can Give Too, we believe a little goes a long way. Whether it’s a helping hand, an extra volunteer, a little advice or an easy way to raise funds these 4 (FREE) tech tools are a great resources for any charity in need of a little love.

Non-profits have a lot on their plates. Charities, large and small are strapped for cash and have limited resources when it comes to fundraising. Often charities are managed by a single charity director or a group of huge hearted individuals who believe so strongly in the cause they are willing to give their all. 

Need help with your website? Try…
Give Camp

Give Camp is a weekend-long event where developers, designers, marketers donate their time to help non-profit organizations update their web presence. Charities can apply to participate in events across the U.S. and if selected Give Camp will take on a project that can be completed in the weekend’s time. Building new websites, helping establish databases and social media are just a few of the areas they offer their expertise.

Need help with your social media? Try…
Social Media Examiner

Social media can be overwhelming for any business, especially a minimally staffed non-profit. Social Media Examiner will help keep you in the know of the latest and greatest in the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have articles on new features, (changes before they happen) and give awesome tips on how to run successful ad campaigns.


Need more volunteers? Try…
Create The Good

Create the Good is a web service that allows you to post volunteer opportunities for free. It’s easy to use and you can post short-term opportunities and general long-term volunteer goals! 


Need help raising more money? Try…
Kids Can Give Too

Kids Can Give Too is here for you! Do you have a network of families that are always willing to help you out? Do your directors and volunteers have kids in school or attend churches with large youth groups? Kids Can Give Too allows kids to share half of their birthday gifts with their favorite non-profit. 

Kids and technology are the keys to the future. Use technology to help with your non-profit struggles, empower kids to show off their giving hearts at a young age and together we can change the world!




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