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55 Ways to Spend a Kids Can Give Too Gift Card (Toys Not Included)

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Ways to Spend a Kids Can Give Too Gift Card

As with most of our ‘gift lists’ you won’t find toys in our 55 Ways to Spend A Kids Can Give Too Gift Card. Toys are great when they are special to the child, so if there is something that your child has wished for or wanted for some time then by all means they should use their gift card for that treasure.

For the kids that already have all the toys they could wish for and more, check out the ‘non-toy’ list below. We think these gifts have a little more meaning, more value and give more experience than just another toy. 

  1. Art Supplies
  2. Dinner Out
  3. Movie Tickets
  4. Dance Lessons
  5. Sports Equipment
  6. Magazine Subscription
  7. Clothes
  8. A Bike
  9. Digital Apps or Games
  10. Musical Instruments
  11. Concert Tickets
  12. A Watch
  13. Sleeping Bag
  14. Karate Lessons
  15. Starting a Savings Account
  16. Digital Camera
  17. Trampoline
  18. Book of the Month Club (Little Fun Club)
  19. Monthly Craft Box Subscription (Kiwi Crate)
  20. Waterpark or Themepark passes
  21. Character Bath Robes
  22. Roller Skates
  23. Trips
  24. Zoo or Museum Membership
  25. Icecream or Popcicle Makers
  26. Bean Bag Chairs
  27. Dvds or BlueRay Movies
  28. Karaoke Machine
  29. Netflix
  30. Camping Tent
  31. Shoes or Slippers
  32. Kayak
  33. A Pet
  34. Kindle or Tablet
  35. Headphones
  36. CDs or MP3s
  37. Bowling Night
  38. Family Games
  39. Cornhole Boards
  40. Surf Board or Snow Board
  41. Jewelry
  42. Room Decor
  43. Phone or Tablet accessories
  44. Books
  45. Suitcases
  46. Sunglasses
  47. Rain Boots
  48. Piggy Bank
  49. Skate Board
  50. Journal
  51. Fitness Tracker
  52. Science Kits
  53. Model Airplane or Car Supplies
  54. Bluetooth Speaker
  55. Record Player 

Do you have a great ‘non-toy’ gift idea to add to our list?
Did your kid buy something really great with their KCGT Gift Card?
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