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A Birthday Candy Buffet Perfect for Any Party

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Birthday Candy Buffet

Long gone are the days of kazoos and slap bracelets…most of mine never made it from the car, instead let’s give them something they love! Know what kid’s love?? CANDY!

This story always comes to mind when I talk about candy. I remember my 5-year-old neighbor (the youngest of his family) was given a puppy and his parents said he could name it whatever he liked. After a few seconds of consideration, he screamed “CANDY” not exactly what the parent’s meant but HEY, it’s what he liked! Further proving candy is probably the first thing that pops into a kid’s head when asked what they like.

A birthday candy buffet is a great alternative to plastic party favors. Create a pretty setup that doubles as your decor, saving time and money. Here are a few tips to help you build your very own glam Candy Land!

First, Choose a variety of candy that matches in colors or themes and display candy in containers that vary in size and shape!


Birthday Candy Buffet

Incorporate one of the featured candies on the cake or cupcakes then your birthday cake or cupcakes can be used as the centerpiece. This cute Willy Wonka themed party by catchmyparty.com uses a candy bar design as the cake! Glam your display by adding a touch of ribbons, printable die cuts or banners to personalize your buffet.


Provide cute take-out boxes, mason jars or sealable containers and don’t forget the scoops! 

If candy’s not an option this also works great for popcorn or trail-mix themed to-go snacks.
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