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A FREE Lesson in Love. Caring & Rock & Roll: The Gift of Guitar

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In a world of entitlement, where materialism has become the norm, parents are challenged daily to create ways to inspire their kids to be great people. 


But how? How do you teach kids to be grateful and have a willingness to help others? 

The answer is simple: inspire them.
Inspire by providing opportunties to give like Kids Can Give Too or sharing a story like The Gift of Guitar to help your kid realize that changing the world is within reach.

“No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted” -Aesop

The Gift of Guitar is Kids Can Give Too’s first original story, written by Gaetan Pappalardo.

The story is about a young student named Nate, who learns that his favorite teacher’s Guitar Star Club is in danger of being cancelled. His teacher inspired him to play guitar and he wants the program to continue to inspire others. Nate’s only a kid, but he learns that being a kid doesn’t always mean you can’t make a difference in the world.

The Gift of Guitar is a great family read or bedtime story and you can have a copy for FREE! Just set a birthday reminder and we’ll email you a FREE The Gift of Guitar Ebook.

Setting a reminder doesn’t mean a commitment. We will simply remind you of the option to host your next birthday party through Kids Can Give Too, giving your kid the opportunity to GIVE to a charity of their choice and GET a VISA Gift Card to buy a meaningful gift. Everybody wins!

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