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After the Party: 5 Ways for Kids to Keep Giving

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There could never be too much of this good thing…. 
If your child loved their KCGT charity birthday party and their kid hero status, here are a few more ways kids can give throughout the year!


Write letters to Military Kids or Troops
There are numerous organizations that collect letters for troops and their families. It’s so important for kids to understand that some families make huge sacrifices. Some of these families could use a smile or a cheerful letter from a kid to brighten a hard day.

Donate unwanted toys to a shelter or children’s home
Some kids are overwhelmed by stuff. Kids have a few favorite toys, but can’t possibly play with or LOVE every single thing they have. Teach a lesson in sharing and have them choose a few to donate to a kid in need.

Pick up trash on beaches, parks or streets
Teaching kids to be earth-friendly is important. Picking up trash when they see it littering their favorite places is a great way to teach them to love the planet. Find an organized clean up to participate in or simply pick up when you have the opportunity.

Making holiday cards for seniors or stop by for a visit
Sometimes the best gifts aren’t things…they are special moments, memories of making someone’s day by taking the time out to say hello. Stop by and encourage your kids to play games, sing songs or color with those who might be feeling lonely.

Challenge them to find a way to help
There are ways to pay it forward every day. Remember that kid giving comes in all shapes and sizes and no efforts of kindness can be too small. Helping the neighbor with the mail, sharing a snack, making a new friend, paying someone a compliment are all perfectly acceptable ways for kids to learn compassion, selflessness and responsibility.

As a parent if you want to help a great cause check out our Blog: No Money No Time No Problem for ways to help raise money for charities just by telling a friend about Kids Can Give Too!

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