Every kid has a Birthday. Julian, Jack & Ethan Hosted Their Party to Help Kids with Cancer!

Ft Lauderdale, FL (March 8, 2016): Julian Quetgles, Jack Nagle and Ethan Rubenstein celebrated their birthdays by registering their party with Kids Can Give Too and sharing half of their birthday gifts with Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation.  

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15 Birthday Party Hacks Parents Should Know

Birthday Party Hacks

Birthday party planning can be stressful for any parent. You have to plan the menu, theme, location, party favors, the guest list and the cake. It takes a lot of time and resources, but with a few birthday party hacks you’ll be throwing the perfect party in no time! 

Here are a list of our favorite party hacks that will not only save you time, but most importantly they will save you cash too! 

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45 Ways that Kids Can Change The World


We’ve all heard the saying “No Act of Kindness No Matter How Small Is Ever Wasted,” and we truly believe that! At Kids Can Give Too, the importance of kindness has always been in thekids-1093758_1280.jpg forefront. Creating a kinder, more giving generation of kids is part of our mission, but how can you as a parent inspire your kids to be more giving? Through Random Acts of Kindness!

February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and we’d like to encourage everyone to participate! Not only for the day, or this week, but throughout the year! If you are looking for ways to teach your children to be kinder and more giving, here are ideas to inspire your family to pay it forward….

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55 Ways to Spend a Kids Can Give Too Gift Card (Toys Not Included)

Ways to Spend a Kids Can Give Too Gift Card

As with most of our ‘gift lists’ you won’t find toys in our 55 Ways to Spend A Kids Can Give Too Gift Card. Toys are great when they are special to the child, so if there is something that your child has wished for or wanted for some time then by all means they should use their gift card for that treasure.

For the kids that already have all the toys they could wish for and more, check out the ‘non-toy’ list below. We think these gifts have a little more meaning, more value and give more experience than just another toy. 

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Our Favorites: Top 7 Birthday Planning Blogs

Top 7 Birthday Party Planning Blogs

Between soccer practice, grocery shopping, laundry, household chores, homework and your own work, planning your next kid’s birthday party may seem out of reach. Not to mention the fact that planning kid’s birthday parties has become a competitive sport between parents, but we aren’t here to judge the Mom (Martha) Stewarts of the world, we are here to help you become one! Continue reading “Our Favorites: Top 7 Birthday Planning Blogs”

You’re Probably Wondering Why We Are Giving Away $2k

You might have seen our contest ads popping up in your inboxes or in your feeds and thought, why would Kids Can Give Too just give away $2k?

The short answer is charities need money to do all of the great things they do, but if you have a little more time, read on and see just why giving away $2,000 means so much more!

When we launched our $2k On the Way For Your Favorite Chari-TAY contest, we ourselves wondered ‘what is $2k in the big scheme of things?’ so, we asked each of the 10 charities participating how $2k would change their worlds….

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20 Things You Can Do with Unwanted Toys

Toy Story Quote

Just last week we posted a quiz ‘Do Your Kids Have Too Many Toys?’ and most of you ranked somewhere between at risk of a toy takeover to full blown catastrophic status. Now we are helping you breath new life into those unwanted toys. 

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Parents Guide to Hosting (& Surviving) a Birthday Bash around the Holidays

Let’s face it kids birthday parties aren’t what they used to be. You can no longer get away with inviting a few friends over to play games, serving lemonade, cake and calling it a “party.”

Parties have to have a WOW-factor and that’s a lot of pressure for any parent, especially if you’re the parent of a kid with a birthday before or within weeks after the “gift giving season.” They’ve partied their little hearts out for the last 2-3 weeks and recieved every gift they could possibly wish for and now you’re days away from another important milestone, but never fear YOU CAN DO THIS! (and we are here to help)

So pack up the holiday tinsel and dust off your party hats because December and January kids still deserve to celebrate!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Families

As the holidays wrap up, adults often turn their attention from the gift wish lists of their children to goals of their own. The personal wish lists range in variety and are often health focused. This year we say make the unattainable goals the past and tackle a reasonable resolution for the whole family, after all children can also learn a lot from reviewing the previous year and setting goals.

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