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Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens

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Birthday parties for tweens can be tough. You know what your child likes, but his or her friends are all over the place—some already wear makeup, while others still play with action figures.

When it’s time to plan a party, you can pull everybody together with a fun theme that the diverse group will enjoy. These formative years also make a great opportunity to shape the conversation about gift giving and what it means to celebrate.

At Kids Can Give Too, we’ve rounded up some fresh, exciting party ideas especially for tweens, with just the right amount of childlike fun and a dash of “I’m a grown-up now” thrown in.

A Day at the Park

Set up a tree planting, have a picnic, or plan a scavenger hunt, and let everybody play kickball afterward! Just head to your kid’s favorite park and you can find endless opportunities for entertainment. You can even use this kind of party to support a charity like the Miracle Leagues or the Special Olympics (two of our current partner charities).

Mani-Pedi Spa Day

Those gaudy tween parties with pink limos may be passé, but tween girls can still have a blast painting their nails and getting cucumber facials

You can set up different stations in your master bathroom or outdoors on the patio and let the girls be as fancy or as silly as they like! Just keep an eye out for spilled nail polish bottles. This birthday party idea pairs well with an organization like Lucy’s Love Bus, which offers special therapies like massage and horseback riding for kids with cancer.

Froyo Party

Frozen yogurt shops make birthday parties easy—and froyo is a great alternative to cake when you have gluten-free kids to think about. You can often find options for hourly rates and private rooms, and let the kids have fun with all those toppings. Froyo parties tie in well with food charities like No Kid Hungry, or any cause that makes your kid proud.

Backyard Movie Campout

If you haven’t yet come across inflatable movie screens, you should check them out. It’s more affordable than you might think to rent or buy one, and they’re guaranteed to be a hit with the tween crowd. Hey, even a white sheet will do in a pinch.

Let the little scouts practice their camping skills in the backyard with tents and flashlights, and let Pixar take care of the rest. If your kid loves camping, he or she will feel awesome about using the party to contribute to Camp Kemo!

A Trip to the Science Museum 

Often, children’s museums take care of the entertainment, and many have private party rooms—the cost usually works out to less than $20 per child. You can even use KCGT to collect donations for a group like Teach My People, so disadvantaged kids receive their own opportunities for learning!

Your tween is growing up, and now is the perfect time to embrace individuality with a birthday party idea that reflects his or her personality. With a few great decisions in the planning phase, your child can get a meaningful, memorable birthday (and a lucky charity may benefit, as well). 

Kick things off with Kids Can Give Too and keep the focus on what your tween really cares about: learning how to make a difference in the world, and having fun doing it.


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