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Charity Birthday Parties Don’t Have to Be All or Nothing, Have the Best of Both Worlds

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The birthday party topic of the year: Gifts or No Gifts. This has become a touchy subject across forums on Reddit, Twitter and Mom Blogs everywhere.

Just like all parenting issues, moms and dads have taken a firm side of whether their tiny tots and teenagers should have gifts or not. Then there are a few parents who are stuck in the middle and are looking for the perfect way to tell their guests not to bring gifts without being offensive. Or guests that are just plain confused, does ‘no gifts’ really mean no gift?

You might remember this mom who took the internet by storm when she presented her child’s first birthday with a “wish list” although probably not the most thought out delivery, we are certain she had one thing in mind: “please don’t buy me junk there are really things he needs.” Most Demanding Invitation in History

Here’s Our Secret: It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Kids deserve a something special, but how do you trade the junk for meaning?

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Solution: Kids Can Give Too, is a birthday party platform created so that every kid and teenager can choose their favorite charity to SHARE half of their gifts. They simply choose our charity partners or request for us to add and organization close to them. Parents can then register party details, invite friends via email, text or print invitations. Our messaging stating that the child has a special birthday wish to share with others is included with a request for an RSVP . There is an opportunity for the child to show a quote on the invitation on why they chose the charity they did.


Guests can choose to give a monetary donation, rather than bringing a traditional wrapped gift when they RSVP. It’s easy, secure and takes the stresses of shopping and wrapping off of your guests.

Parents are still able to host the perfect party to celebrate and create memories, without all of the unwanted “stuff.” The best part, after the party is over Kids Can Give Too splits the gifts. Sending the charity a check and the child a VISA Gift Card to buy the perfect, meaningful gift. Here’s More on How It Works.

The feedback from parents and kids has been incredible. Kids love choosing their charity and shopping for the perfect gift. Parents no longer have to haul mounds of plastic into their homes post party and guests report that it’s easy to use and a relief that their gift money is not wasted on unwanted presents. Most of all the child gets to experience giving and learning the lesson of a lifetime.

Whichever side of the fence you are on, I’m sure we can all agree the most important part of a birthday party is to be surrounded by the friends and family you love, creating unforgettable memories! 


Love this idea, but not ready to schedule your party? Set a reminder and we will touch base closer to your party date! 


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