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Just one party generates significant funds. Use the resources found here to help you leverage this tool to facilitate 10 parties or 100 parties or MORE.
A birthday party helps them channel their desire to help others and connects you with this country’s youngest generation of givers. Kids build character and your organization receives much needed funds.
Everyone wins!

The KidsCanGiveToo experience makes it simple for kids to collect money instead of wrapped gifts and then share half of it with a registered charity like yours. Register your charity below to become a KidsCanGiveToo charity partner or click the How it works button if you would like to learn more about the KCG2 experience. .. 


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What’s in It for Your Charity?

Beyond connecting you with young donors, there is so much more a partnership offers.

Substantial Donations
Just one KidsCanGiveToo birthday party gives an average of $150 to the chosen charity. Imagine what significant work you could do with the $1,500 raised by 10 parties, or the $15,000 raised by 100 birthday parties?
Through our site, social media channels, and printed materials, we are committed to promoting our charity partners. We highlight the good they’re doing and the KidsCanGiveToo kids who help. Share with us how KidsCanGiveToo impacted your achievements and we’ll share it with the world.

Register as one of our partners and your charity’s name, mission, and website will appear on the list as an option. Once chosen, your cause becomes the topic of conversation among party guests and their families because every invitation features your charity’s name with a link to your website.





Donor Loyalty
We believe that when children are given the opportunity to share with someone else in need, it profoundly affects them. They experience first hand how great it feels to give and they begin to realize it’s possible for them to make a real difference in the lives of others. They will carry this feeling and connection with your organization into adulthood,  becoming lifelong supporters.
Our Tools are Quick & Easy
We understand that your team’s time is limited and the good news is that we’ve done most of the work for you. The KidsCanGiveToo charity partner resources below were developed to enable you to easily promote our partnership through social media, newsletters, blogs, newspapers and at events with just a few clicks. All you have to do is plug in your charity’s information and you’re ready to roll. 
The more you use these easy tools, the more money your charity will receive from Kid donors everywhere. The possibilities are infinite.
Charity Partner Resources: Spend a few minutes twice a week

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