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Easy Birthday Party Decoration Ideas for Kids

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Great decorations really set the stage for fun kids’ birthday parties, but that doesn’t mean you need to go on a shopping spree for one-and-done junk at the party store. You don’t want useless gifts and a pile of wrapping paper, so why fill your trash with plastic party decorations when it’s all over?

At Kids Can Give Too, we know you want to put the emphasis on things that are important to your child. Let’s face it: your kid probably wouldn’t even notice if you spent 1,000 man-hours staging an elaborate display. 

With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of our favorite simple party hacks. If your last craft project turned into one of those Pinterest FAILS, don’t worry. These easy birthday party decoration ideas will save you time and money—even if your blood type is DIY-negative!

Double Duty: Colorful Food as Decoration

Pull out your glass mixing bowls and mason jars—really any kind of food-safe container. Mismatched containers actually work best for this. Fill them with colorful rock candies, Skittles, fresh berries, and other bright foods.

You’ll have a big spread, a color scheme, and the kids will love it. They may even help you clean up by eating all the “decorations.” Our candy board on Pinterest offers some extra inspiration. 

Celebrate the Year

Think big, but keep it simple—if you cover a wall or entryway with a big statement-making decoration, you’ve done most of the work. You can easily create a giant “8” or “13” or however old your child is turning (you do remember which birthday this is, right?) using balloons (or really almost anything).

Washi Tape Is Your Friend

If you’ve never heard of it before, washi tape is colorful, patterned tape from Japan that is available in any color scheme or pattern—polka dot, gingham, flowers, whatever boyish or girly look you need. 

With washi tape, you might not even have to buy any other decorations. Line your drinking glasses and plates, spell out a message or create a design on the wall, and wrap the tape around straws to make them festive or create your own cake toppers. The possibilities are endless. 

Plants & Flowers as Decor and Party Favors

Mother Nature beats Martha Stewart any day, right? Here’s an idea for colorful, fun decorations that don’t involve craft scissors or a glue gun. For just a few dollars each, you can decorate with adorable little cacti, flower buds, and desk plants in cute containers—and you can keep them for your garden or let the kids take them home as birthday party favors they’ll enjoy caring for.

Balloon Animals—The Easy Kind

No, you don’t need carnival skills for this one. Blow up regular balloons and grab a Sharpie, some construction paper, and some glue or tape. Add ears, whiskers, or simple smiley faces, and you have a jungle or zoo theme in no time. When in doubt, all you really need is a “Happy Birthday” message and a simple theme. 

Still feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? We can help! 

Take a deep breath, relax, and download our birthday party planning guide below—you’ll love it!

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