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Every kid has a Birthday. Julian, Jack & Ethan Hosted Their Party to Help Kids with Cancer!

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Ft Lauderdale, FL (March 8, 2016): Julian Quetgles, Jack Nagle and Ethan Rubenstein celebrated their birthdays by registering their party with Kids Can Give Too and sharing half of their birthday gifts with Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation.  

Julian Ethan and Jack Birthday


The party took place on Saturday March 5th at the Marriott Ft. Lauderdale. The friends in attendance gifted over $2675, a record breaking number for Kids Can Give Too and 50% of the total $1337 will be the single largest donation given to a charity by a kid through Kids Can Give Too to date, giving the kids more to celebrate than their special day.

Julian Jack and Ethan Party Picture

According to Julian’s mother, the three friends decided to share half of their birthday gifts with Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation in honor of their classmates with cancer.

There have been a few children at their school who have cancer and it has affected the boys so they wanted to do something for children dealing with cancer” said Tabitha Quetgles-Cross, Julian’s mother.

According to the American Cancer Society more than 10,000 kids (under the age of 15) could be diagnosed with a childhood cancer in 2016. Approximately 1200 or more of those children could face life threatening cancers. While these stats reflect what we already know, that cancer is on the rise, the most disturbing fact is that cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death among kids (with only accidents ahead at number 1).

It’s devastating news for any family to find out a child has an illness. Organizations such as Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation, Ronald McDonald Houses and Lucy’s Love Bus are fighting daily to make their lives a little easier. Julian, Ethan & Jack are fighting right beside them by generously donating half of their birthday gifts to help kids their age with their toughest battles.

You may recognize Julian as a familiar face at Kids Can Give Too. You may remember that he celebrated his 2015 birthday with a friend named Ellis and together they donated $632 to All 4 Paws Animal Rescue in South Carolina. Watch that check presentation here. 

This year Julian, Jack & Ethan will be recognized when they personally deliver their check during a presentation scheduled for March 21st at the Foundation’s Office. 

We at Kids Can Give Too are so thankful for kids like Julian, Ethan & Jack. Their generosity along with the hundreds of other kids who have shared their birthday gifts in the last year prove that by giving kids the tool (Kids Can Give Too) kids really do have the power to make a huge impact on the world! 

Every Kid Has a Birthday! What If It Could Change the World?

It’s a charity birthday party idea with a twist, Kids Can Give Too, makes it easy for kids all over the U.S. to easily share half of their birthday gifts with a charity of their choice eliminating unwanted, unneeded gifts while allowing kids the power to give! For more information about Kids Can Give Too or Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital, please visit http://www.kidscangivetoo.com/ or http://www.jdch.com/html/giving-and-participating/foundation

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