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But, if you don’t find them here, just contact us!

How does Kids Can Give Too split the money?

The Charities get 50%, the Birthday kid gets 40% and Kids Can Give Too gets 10%. So, if the party collects $200, the charity gets a check for $100, the kid gets a Visa gift card worth $80 and Kids Can Give Too gets $20.

If I’m hosting a party at one of your partner venues, do I have to have a charity party?

No, we aren’t in the business of forcing people to have charity parties, but we would love it if you would consider it. Our invitation system is free to use for all customers who are hosting parties at our partner venues. If you opt to send regular invitations, the charity features will not be seen.

Why 10% for Kids Can Give Too? To make it FREE FOR OUR CHARITIES!

We considered many different business models when developing Kid Can Give Too. Our current model allows us to cover administrative costs and make it FREE for charities to participate. By charging just 10% of the total amount collected, parents have the option of choosing the basic plan that has zero up-front costs, so anyone can afford to host a Kids Can Give Too birthday party for their child. Most importantly, this model enables us to never have to charge our charities to be on our site.

What if my guests start giving directly to the charity?

If your guests give directly to the charity, we have no way of tracking that donation.  So, donations made directly to charities, via the charities private website or via mail, will not be processed by Kids Can Can Give Too, so the contributions will not be split with the birthday child. Essentially, a Kids Can Give Too birthday party is only successful for charities and birthday kids if guests use the links provided within our system. 

How do I get a charity listed on Kids Can Give Too?

Just go to Register Your Charity to get started!

Do you charge charities to be on your website?

No, we want to help charities raise the funds they desperately need with NO, NONE, NADA, ZERO cost to them. So, not only is our service completely FREE for our non-profits, we provide them with a Free Fundraising Packet and a Tool kit, which includes all of the tips and materials they will need to make the most out of their KidsCanGiveToo.com partnership.

How do I host a party? 

Just click anywhere that says Host a Party and we will guide you thru the entire process. 

How long do my guests have to donate to the party?

You can receive donations up to two days after the party end time. At that time, guests will no longer to be able to give to the party so that we can process the amounts and the child can receive their gift card in a timely manner.

What if my guest(s) did not receive the invitation link? How else can I invite people other than through your system?

While we have taken every measure to ensure your invitations are received, it is possible some guests may not see your invitation. This is due to the many possible email services and settings that people use. No worries, we have several ways to send invitation links. If you have noticed that a guest has not responded after a long period of time, just login to your Party Dashboard. You can then send a follow up invitation by text or share the link via social media  You can also print the pdf and hand deliver or mail it. 

Why do you charge a $1.50 transaction fee for donations? 

The credit card processing company charges us 2.9%+$.30 for EVERY transaction. We need to have a built in way to cover these costs because the giving for each party is so unpredictable. A single party could have 20, 30 or even 50 single donations for various amounts and the fees would total more than the 10% we make.  We have found that charging a $1.50 no matter how much the transaction fee (sometimes its more, sometimes its less) keeps us at a break even. So, this model allows us to keep doing what we do… not pass costs on to the charities and provide an awesome alternative to birthday party gift management. ALSO… Since the party guests pay this fee, they actually end up saving money because they don’t have  the cost of gift wrap, cards or gas to and from the store to buy the gift, not to mention the value of their time. 

If I forgot to invite somebody after I already sent out online invitations, can I go back and invite them at a later time? 

Sure ya can. You can go back to your Party Dashbaord and invite more people as often as you want. Just login and click on My Parties. Select your current party and it will take you to your Dashboard. Invite your guests through email, by text message, share the link via social media or you can print your invitations by downloading the PDF. 

How do I check my RSVPs and donations?

Just login at any time and click on My Parties on the menu bar at the top of the homepage. Then, select your current party and you will be able to see your RSVP status and your individual donation amounts as well as birthday messages from your party guests. You will also get notifications via email every time someone RSVPs and you can just click that link. 

What if my child’s birthday is month’s away and I want to be reminded to have a Kids Can Give Too party?

Just click on the Remind Me and we will send you an email with a link 45 days before your child’s birthday.

How do I convince my kids to give up all those presents?

Explain how great it will feel to be able to help others in need just by having a birthday party. Remind them that they receive a Visa Gift Card that they can use to buy exactly what they want. If it applies, tell them they will still be getting wrapped gifts from grandparents and other family members. Tell them how proud they will feel when they tell their friends about the charity they all helped.

Can I give away more than 50% of my donation?

Our system is programmed to automatically give 50% of the donation to the chosen charitie(s). But, if your child wants to give more, they can always use their Visa Gift Card to purchase more charitable donations for another local charity.