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Help A Charity: No Time, No Money, No Kids = No Problem

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Money is tight, and time is non-existent. We are busy people, and you hardly have time to take a shower or enjoy a coffee. Even with limited resources, time being the most important, you can still help a charity.

You’re probably thinking yeah, right…. charities need money and volunteers.

Until now, now they need money and volunteers but they have Kids Can Give Too.

Kids Can Give Too is an easy to use, charity birthday party platform where kids collect donations instead of gifts and share half with their choice charity. It’s a free tool for charities to raise money! The remaining amount goes back to the birthday boy/girl so they can buy something they really love! Everybody wins!


Check out and IF YOU LOVE IT it then here’s 5 easy ways you can help a charity with K.C.G.T. (even if you don’t have kids)!

1- Tell a Family about Kids Can Give Too

Know a family with multiple kids? Chances are they are suffering from a toy takeover and one more birthday party could cause an avalanche. Telling them about Kids Can Give Too could save their sanity!

2- Speak to a Class/Tell a Teacher about Kids Can Give Too

Opportunities for kids to help charities are limited. Kids Can Give Too gives kids the opportunity to help on their own, a lesson in love and giving!

3- Rally a Team

YMCAs, Youth Sports and Recreational Clubs all have one thing in common, active kids who love to help! Just by telling them about KCGT you can make a difference for a charity!

4- Inform a Youth Group

Youth groups are known for volunteer projects and participating in giving. Birthday’s are just another opportunity for these kids to show off their giving hearts!

5- Share a Kids Can Give Too message on Facebook

I don’t have kids, but my friends do. I’m sure some of the people you know have kids too! Share a Kids Can Give Too message and tag your favorite charity!

Get ready for some math! One Kids Can Give Too party averages a $150 donation for a charity. If the birthday party child invites 10 friends, there are now 10 potential new KCGT party hosts. 10x$150=$1500 more for charities!  

The Short Story: Helping a charity is easy! Just tell somebody about Kids Can Give Too and we can change the world!

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