How It Works –

Tell me and I’ll forget.

Show me and I may remember.

Involve me and I’ll understand.

– Benjamin Franklin

host a party
host a party

How it works.

The only birthday invitation solution with a feature that helps parents teach their children about giving. 

Parents register their child’s party and choose a charity. KCGT creates a secure, custom invitation link that is sent to your party guests. Guests are asked to RSVP and make a secure online donation, instead of bringing a wrapped gift. After the party, we split the gifts  between your child and your chosen charity.



Pick 1 or 2 charities your child wants to help.



Enter party details & we’ll invite your guests, kindly requesting a donation instead of traditional wrapped gift.



As guests respond, see RSVPs and gift totals on your dashboard.



After the party, we’ll split the gifts. Your child gets a Visa Gift Card and the chosen charity gets a check.

 Having trouble convincing your little getter to be a little giver?

That’s the best thing about a charity birthday party with Kids Can Give Too…

Your kid still gets a gift: The average birthday party produces a Visa Gift card worth over $100 bucks, so your birthday boy or girl gives to a charity, but still gets to pick out an awesome gift.

Simply Explain: “Instead of getting a bunch of little things you may not need or really want, you and your friends will help a charity and you still get a Visa Gift card to pick out an awesome birthday present for yourself.  We would be so proud of you.”


Parenting is a huge responsibility. We want to help.

Set a reminder. We’ll help you involve your child in a lesson of GIVING that they will never forget.

And just because teaching kids about giving is our thing, we’ll email you a FREE digital version of the inspiring children’s book, The Gift of Guitar, by Gaetan Pappalardo, for tonight’s bedtime or anytime!

host a party