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How to Choose a Charity for a Charity Birthday Party Split

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Another birthday party is fast approaching and you’ve decided to host a charitable birthday party. There are many reasons for sharing gifts with a charity, maybe your house is being taken over by Batman and Barbies or you’re looking to teach a lesson in love and giving.

Sometimes kids express that they want to help, but what can kids do to give? Volunteer opportunities are limited by age and kids must lean on parents to make financial donations, but now kids can give too by adding a twist to their celebration and opting to have a charity birthday party split. 

Kids Can Give Too will walk you through the steps of setting up your party details (the what, when and where), give you a few invitations to choose from and even track your rsvp and kids birthday gift donations. The most important part is choosing which charity your child would like to help. Here are tips for choosing a charity for your next party.

Choose an organization with a mission that fits into your birthday party theme

Choose an organization that your child is passionate about

Let the birthday boy or girl give their input. Do they love animals? Do they express the want to help other kids? Do they love sports or participate in any organizations through school? Having your child involved in the process will make the party more meaningful for them.

Choose an organization that is connected to your area

Kids Can Give Too has a variety of National and Local organizations listed. Click here to see a full list of our charities. All of the organizations listed on Kids Can Give Too are 501c3 non-profits.

No matter which you and your kid hero choose to support it will help our efforts to change the world one birthday at a time!


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