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How to Invite Guests to Your Kids Can Give Too Party with Facebook

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The ideal way to invite guests to your Kids Can Give Too Party is by providing email addresses for your guests. By entering email addresses into your party dashboard you:

  • Can easily monitor and track your full RSVP list

  • See which guests have not yet RSVPed

  • Get notifications as each guest RSVPs and gives to your party

  • We send reminders to guests who have not RSVPed by sending emails on a schedule leading up to the party.

However we understand that not all parents may have access to email addresses so Kids Can Give Too provides the Party Host with a PDF invitation that is able to be printed or can be used as a photo if the Party Host wants to invite guests on Facebook.

To set up a proper Facebook notification, we recommend the following steps.

Step 1: Complete your party registration via

Step 2: Once complete you can access your Link, Party Code and PDF Invitation.


Step 3: On left panel choose ‘Create Group’ and Name the Group: (Name)’s Birthday Party! WARNING: Choosing ‘Create Event’ could confuse guests because event pages  allow those invited to RSVP to that page rather than using the party link. If they RSVP to the event they will likely never see the giving option.  

Step 4: Choose privacy level, there are descriptions for each. We suggest “Secret” if you have limited space on your party list.

Step 5: Add a fun cover photo, party theme or from a past birthday.

Inviting Guests to KCGT Party with Facebook

Step 6: Post your first message by selecting the ‘Post’ button and give an update.

Include a message letting guests know about the party, describing this is a different kind of party and that your child wanted to give a little this year. There is messaging on the PDF invitation if you would prefer to use our wording. Include your PDF as an attached Photo and post link and party code in the text portion.

Inviting Guests to KCGT Party with Facebook

Step 7: Go to the ‘Members’ tab and ‘Add People’ to select your guests.     

In addition to friends, you may also want to invite family members (grandparents, aunts, and uncles) who send gifts so that they may participate in the giving! 

Inviting Guests to KCGT Party on Facebook

Step 8: After you have added guests to the group post a second update.

The second update should be a short description on why your child chose the charities he/she did to share ½ of their gifts with. Letting guests see your child’s big heart and will encourage guests to give rather than bring a wrapped gift. If you can tag the charity by typing an @ symbol before the charity name.

Inviting Guests to KCGT Party on Facebook

Guests should begin the RSVP process at this time. If guests are not responding to your RSVP request you may have to send a printed PDF invite or a text message, keeping in mind some parents are more active on Facebook than others.


Need some help with the party details? Check out our Free Party Planning Guide!

Have a great party!



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