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Increase Exposure to Your Nonprofit with Social Media

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Social media can be much more to your nonprofit than just a new fundraising channel: it’s a space where you can earn attention, reach new audiences, and generate passion for your cause.

In fact, social media was practically built for nonprofits. Used wisely, it’s an incredible tool to gain exposure, spread the message, and generate excitement.

At Kids Can Give Too, we’re all about building connections through social media. When a family hosts a charity birthday party, we connect with the parents on Facebook—and that’s just the beginning. As a non-profit, not only can you register your charity with us to gain exposure, but you can also use social media to promote this new way get involved with your cause.

Here are other ways to increase exposure to your nonprofit with social media:

Create Social Content—Not Just Ads!

Some of your social media posts can be direct pitches for fundraising, but most of your content should be social. Entertain, inform, and enlighten your audience—and more people will stick around to hear your message.

People scroll past advertisements, but they LOVE reading and sharing content that is heartwarming, awe-inspiring, and world-changing. Your organization has wonderful stories to tell! Use social media as a storytelling device, not a marketing gimmick.

Make It Shareable

While you’re busy crafting great social media content, make sure to keep your followers’ followers in mind. Your supporters will feel more comfortable sharing your content if the message is approachable and accessible for their friends. Think about who your followers are, and what kind of things they like and want to share!

Great ways to make your content shareable: 

  •    Write compelling and interesting headlines that aren’t “salesy”
  •    Create unique and worthwhile content
  •    Include pictures and video
  •    Address the real-world issues, not just your organization’s activities

Engage with Stakeholders

When our charities mention how a Kids Can Give Too party helped them raise funds, we boost your signal by reposting, re-tweeting, and spreading the good vibes to our own followers. Engagement shows commitment and appreciation while exponentially increasing your exposure.

Some ways to engage partners on social media:

  •    Give shout-outs to local businesses after they donate or sponsor an event
  •    Share your partners’ content when it offers value for your audience
  •    Like, share, and comment on your followers’ posts when they mention you or your cause
  •    Monitor mentions, including ones that don’t use your handle or hashtag

Recognize Supporters!

People take pride in supporting your cause. When someone has spent time and money helping your nonprofit, recognition on social media offers a fast, easy, and free way to honor them. Send a public thank you note, and you’ll multiply your exposure astronomically.

Use Landing Pages Wisely

You don’t have to include a big “Donate Now” button on every post you create, but you should offer simple actions so people can discover more info about you and build a relationship.

Creating different landing pages for various channels and campaigns will help you track the impact of your social media efforts. At Kids Can Give Too, we create free custom landing pages for our partner charities so parents can connect and learn more right away. Just connect with us to raise funds and get promoted for free.

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