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Introducing: The Kids Birthday Party Planning Checklist

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Remember being a kid and counting down the days until it was your birthday? Forget doing that as a kid, I still do it! In fact, as I write this post I know that my birthday is 137 days away… and I can’t wait. I love and look forward to that one day a year when my kids make me cards, I eat unlimited clusters of King Crab and my Facebook page blows up. It’s awesomely all about me!

So, if adults still look forward to their birthday… you know your kids can hardly contain themselves waiting for their big day to roll around. As parents, we want to show our kids how much we love them and we want their celebration to live up to all of their birthday expectations, within reason, of course.

Heck, if my kids had it their way, we would have a log flume in the front yard and filet mignon for fifty. Now I can’t do that, but I can get a blow up water slide and throw some burgers on the grill. I can even arrange for the ice cream truck to swing by. Nothing launches you into parent hero status more than knowing the ice cream man. Hey, I know everyone doesn’t have those kinds of connections (blows on nails and rubs them on shoulder), but with the right resources it’s still possible to throw your kid a fantastic party!

A few years ago, I made the mistake of loading a birthday countdown app on to my daughters Ipad. Talk about build up!  It’s a good thing I did it 6 weeks before and not 6 months. She never missed a day… “Mommy, my birthday’s in 43 days. Mommy, my birthday’s in 40 days. Mommy, my birthday’s in 31 days.” Ahhhhh. That thirty-one day report threw me into a panic because that meant I only had 1 month left to plan her party. I also knew that daily countdown was only going to add to her excitement, so I wanted to plan an unforgettable birthday bash for her.

The sky is the limit when it comes to kids birthday parties. There is so much to consider. Where will we have the party?  Do I need a theme? Will I end up wearing a formal gown and a tiara because the princess called out sick?  Maybe that’s why it’s such an overwhelming task to plan your child’s birthday party… you need so many answers to so many questions…and you need them all at once.

At KidsCanGiveToo we have sent invitations to party guests all over the country to celebrate in hundreds of ways, so we have seen it all. We get to play a part in kids feeling the birthday love all across America, as their parents plan out of this world parties with everything from princesses and pools to green slime and The Cake Boss… and every other theme and activity you can dream of in between.  We love seeing kids being celebrated in a really big way and providing the tools to balance out all that bling and zing by bringing charitable giving into the birthday party experience. 

Since we love partying and celebrating kids, we wanted to create a resource that would make things a little easier for our busy moms and dads to plan the birthday party your child has been waiting for…

INTRODUCING OUR FREE E BOOK: KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY PLANNING CHECKLIST. You will find unique and fun ideas for themes, party games, decorations, party favors, birthday cakes, venues and more. Our Planning Checklist also includes a detailed time line of when to tackle each planning task. So, whether your child’s birthday is next week, next month or several months away, every mom and dad will want this checklist right now.

 Our Free E book, “Kids Birthday Party Planning Checklist” contains:

  • A huge list of themes for boys and girls of all ages 
  • Tips on booking the perfect party venue
  • Where to find Do-It-Yourself decoration ideas
  • How to pick the perfect party favor
  • Games and activity ideas for parties
  • How to include a charity in your celebration
  • A timeline of what to do 6 weeks before the party all the way up to the big day
  • Some of the coolest birthday cakes we have ever seen


Maybe your child’s birthday is months away, so why do you need it right now? You want it now because:

  • Remember, your kid is counting down in anticipation as we speak and an early start will mean a better bash for them.
  • Our E Book shows you where to find all kinds of ideas for games and activities that kids will enjoy, not just on their birthday, but any day of the year.
  • You may want to make one of the awesome cakes it tells you about this weekend, just for fun.
  • A friend might be throwing a birthday party soon and you want to share it.
  • You want to make sure you don’t miss out on this Freebie and you can always just file it away and refer to it when you need it.

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