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Kids Can Give Too Official Holiday Gift Guide (No Toys Included)

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At Kids Can Give Too we have a different way of thinking when it comes to gifts, and we know some of you feel the same way. Toys….oh so many toys! So many toys that our living areas, garages, yards and cars are suffering from the toy takeover. 

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Every celebration brings in another load to the dead toy landfill. Don’t let this Christmas add to your frustrations. Take a stand against your most hated clutter, instead let’s celebrate by gifting experiences! Need some ideas?

Here’s a list of our 20 Favorite Christmas Gifts for Kids:

1. Dance, Music, Sports Lessons
Encourage your kids to try new things or if they already love participating then bonus points for showing that you pay attention to what they really like! 

2. Amusement Park Tickets
Who doesn’t want to hear the worlds “You’re Going to Disney World” It’s ok if Disney isn’t in your budget, how about your local or nearest park? Plus there are so many cool ways to wrap an experience like this! 

3. Watches
Learning to tell time is a milestone in every kids life. Fun watches can help the process. For older kids try something stylish and cool!

4. Magazine Subscriptions
Everybody loves getting mail and there are magazine subscriptions for every hobby, interest and even for educational purposes. 

5. Water Park Passes
Water parks are cool. Water parks are even cooler when you can go all summer, or at least whenever you want! This time of year many parks discount rates for the following year and you can score some great deals on annual passes that will be more expensive in season.

6. Apps & Digital Games
We live in a tech world and if your kids know how to use your devices better than you, then you know they will love this one! 

7. Art Supplies
Encouraging creativity and entertaining them for a few hours of rest and relaxation for you! Art supplies come in very hand on rainy or boring days! Who doesn’t love new crayons, pencils, water colors? (They even make some really cool adult coloring books- can we say stress relief)

8. Pajamas
Because they are fun!

9. Movie Night Box
Include their favorite candy, some popcorn, a coupon for their choice movie and wah lah another toy purchase avoided.

10. Lift Tickets
Similar to the Water Parks, Ski Parks might also be offering discounted passes for the holidays. A day of tubing, a snowboard lesson or even a lift ticket all make great gifts!

11. Favorite Foods
Think favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner and the supplies to make the meal. Kids love helping out in the kitchen, especially if its making chocolate chip pancakes! Check out World Market ro Target for fun shaped pans and utencils to make your gift more exciting.

12. Bowling Passes
A budget friendly family night out!

13. Ice Cream Maker
I scream, you get it. Makers come in all shapes and sizes and theres even a ball that touts you can shake and toss your way to a scoop. Anything to burn a little of their extra energy right?

14. Trampoline
Speaking of extra energy. This was my all time favorite Christmas gift I never received, but thankfully my neighbors did. We spent many hours perfecting our flips.

15. Restaurant Gift Cards
Every kid has a favorite restaurant! 

16. Zoo or Museum Memberships
Check your local Groupon for deals on memberships!

17. Movie Tickets
Theaters sell gift cards to cover movie tickets and concessions. Let them pick the movie and the candy! 

18. Game Night Box
Include their favorite drink, snack and a game the whole family will love! Have you heard of the game Pie Face yet?

19. Book of the Month Club
A great subscription service (again everybody loves mail) or you could set a date and hand over a new title on a certain day every month. Giving kids something to look forward to every month!

20. Concert Tickets
Wouldn’t you be the coolest parent ever?

We said 20 but for our 21st gift idea on this list we would like to offer up…

21. The Gift of Giving 
Provide opportunities for your kids to give this holiday! Whether donating unwanted toys, clothes or canned foods OR by pledging to host their birthday in honor of their favorite charity in 2016. Giving your kid an opportunity to be a hero could be your BEST GIFT YET!

If your Christmas gifts are covered but you still need Stocking Stuffers check out our Stocking Stuffer Checklist: Less Stuff More Meaning!

Want to host a KCGT charity birthday party with a twist? Set a date and we’ll send you a reminder closer to your kids birthday! We’ll even throw in a FREE Digital Copy of our book “The Gift of Guitar”

 The Gift of Guitar Cover

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