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New Year’s Resolutions for Families

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As the holidays wrap up, adults often turn their attention from the gift wish lists of their children to goals of their own. The personal wish lists range in variety and are often health focused. This year we say make the unattainable goals the past and tackle a reasonable resolution for the whole family, after all children can also learn a lot from reviewing the previous year and setting goals.


Typically setting a New Year’s Resolution would be decided by age and themed by a new skill to learn for kids or as mentioned before the health of an adult. We’ve taken a different approach because kids of all ages understand giving. 

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolutions for your family to evaluate together, add and edit to make them your own 2016 goals! 

Resolve to Volunteer as a Family 
Pick a charity, make a schedule and set a realistic frequency. May We Suggest: 

  •     Ronald McDonald House– They need volunteers to prepare meals.
  •     All4Paws often needs dog walkers and people to play with and socialize animals
  •     Special Olympics needs volunteers for their games, locations all over US.
  •     Miracle Leagues need coaches & buddies for their seasons, locations all over US.

Host a Supply Drives in each Quarter
These can be themed by holiday, season, event and supported by your schools, churches and organizations your family members participate in.

Complete an Act of Kindness for Each Year of Age (per Family Member)
Ex. Your 5 year old will have 5 acts to complete. These should be really fun to brain storm as a family. Acts should range from very easy like including a new friend at recess, complimenting a new friend, to paying it forward to a little more commitment volunteering as a family. Make your lists and cheer on your family members as they accomplish small acts of kindness throughout the year!

Resolve to share your birthdays with a charity!
For the adults in the family, ask for donations or supplies vs. gifts and make a donation to your favorite charity. You could even theme your party to represent the charity you chose! 

For the kids, set a reminder for our charity birthday party idea with a twist. Your kids can choose to share 1/2 of their gifts with their favorite charity and still get the birthday gift of their dreams!


Make setting a family resolution a tradition. Review each resolution monthly to see how you are doing! Share your pictures by #kidscangivetoo along the way. Here’s to a Healthy and Happy New Year! 


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