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Stocking Stuffer Checklist: Less Stuff More Meaning

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You’ve already shopped til you dropped from Our Official Christmas Gift Guide (that by the way didn’t include one single toy) and all you have left are Stocking Stuffers. This year how about a different approach: an easier, stress-less guide to stuffing those Christmas Socks!

Relax, grab a choice beverage and take a breather, we are going to make your last list for you! Just check an item or two from each list:

Something They Want
  o Movie or Movie Tickets
  o Restaurant Gift Card
  o App/Music Gift Cards
  o MakeUp
  o Games
  o Nail Polish
  o Art Supplies
  o Hair Accessories

Something They Need
  o Bubble Bath or Foam
  o Shampoo
  o Character Toothbrush
  o Tissues
  o Lip Balm
  o Mini Hand Santizer
  o Character Bandaids
  o Batteries
  o Thank You Notes

Something To Wear
  o Fun Socks
  o Scarves
  o Gloves
  o Ear Muffs
  o Jewelery
  o Slippers
  o Watch
  o Hat
  o Sunglasses

Something to Read
  o Magazine
  o Comic Books
  o Favorite Book
  o Coloring Book
  o Flash Cards
  o Word Games or Puzzle Books
  o The Gift of Guitar (Get a Free Digital Download Here)

Bonus: Something to Eat
  o Pancake Mix
  o Popcorn
  o Cookies
  o Fav. Snacks
  o Hot Cocoa
  o Marshmallows
  o Candy (for breakfast anyone?) Afterall Christmas is supposed to be fun right?

If you love our meaningful Christmas gift ideas, check out our twist on charity birthdays! If you are already in the know about our meaningful gifting and charity split theme, how about setting a reminder for your kids special day and we will remind you closer to your party!

(A reminder is by no means a commitment to host a party, just a friendly later-gram!)


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