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Summer Bucket List for Kindness

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We are exactly half way through the official summer season, and the great news is there’s still time to teach kids an important (but fun) lesson in kindness.

Many parents have used ‘bored jars’ in the past to entertain the kiddos when boredom strikes so we thought it would be great to have some kind adventures mixed in.


Here’s a list of 25 things kids can do to spread a little love….

1. Deliver water to a lifeguard.

2. Volunteer at a charity event.

3. Collect books to donate to a school, daycare or library.

4. Bake cupcakes for someone.

5. Pass out ice pops to people working outside.

6. Walk animals at a shelter.

7. Clean a local park or beach access.

8. Write a thank you note to a volunteer.

9. Leave chalk messages on sidewalks to brighten someones day.

10. Make a plan for your next charity birthday party and set a reminder at

11. Tape change to parking meters.

12. Make Get Well Cards for a children’s hospital.

13. Give a compliment.

14. Ask how you can help around the house.

15. Offer a hug to someone who needs it.

16. Mow a neighbors lawn.

17. Plant flowers or a tree.

18. Volunteer or help coach at a camp for younger kids. (Be a Miracle League Buddy)

19. Sent a postcard to a friend.

20. Wash the family car.

21. Help a younger kid with a craft.

22. Start recycling.

23. Share/Tweet a video of someone doing good on social media.

24. Make bird feeders for a park.

25. Wave to someone.

The most important part of a ‘kind summer’ is to encourage everyone to be a happiness hero. The world could use a little more love so let’s get started! 


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