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Turn Kids’ “I’m Bored” into a Summer Project to Change the World

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School is out for summer and even though the official start of summer is still a few weeks away parents may already be dreading the two words “I’m. Bored.”

Maybe you’re still in vacation mode or have an exciting trip planned, if so lucky for you, but if not then you’re probably wondering how long it will be until those words strike. We say it’s all about perspective and that every bored moment is an opportunity, an opportunity to give, volunteer, a chance to change the world!

One thing we can all agree on is that the world could use a little love. We are on a mission to teach and empower kids to change the world, not just through KidsCanGiveToo.com but in their every day lives.


It’s important for kids to know at a young age that even the smallest actions can make a huge difference. So the next time you hear them utter those simple words help them get started on a Project to Change the World.

First, have them choose a project that is meaningful to them:

  • Helping a local rescue or animal shelter
  • Volunteer at a local shelter, soup kitchen
  • Sort and donate old, unwanted toys, books or clothes
  • Brighten someone’s day
  • Clean up a beach, park, community area

Then, help them brainstorm, research where and ways to help:

Animal shelters often need help: dog-363903_1280.jpg

  • Walking Dogs/Socializing Kittens
  • Reading to Shelter Pets
  • Cleaning Cages, Yards
  • Hosting Supply Drives/ Fundraisers (Bake Sales/Lemonade Stands)

Youth and Family Shelters often need supplies! Before donating clothes, books or toys check with local churches, helping hand or United Way to see if there is a family or shelter in need. Bathroom toiletries are always in high demand for shelters and youth services.

Brightening someone’s day has unlimited possibilities, but here are a few ideas:

  • Helping the neighbors walk/feed pets
  • Sending notes/cookies to neighbors
  • Making cards for senior living facilities or Veterans Centers
  • Reading to younger kids, older adults
  • Volunteer to help a new mom with simple tasks

Cleaning up community areas could mean:

  • Participating in Beach/River Sweeps
  • Planting trees or flowers
  • Helping paint or improve community centers
  • small-83026_1280.jpg

   Always encourage kids to be creative.      They might even surprise you with their        knowledge on how to help someone in          need! 



Make A Big Deal About It
Have them document their services via social media or go old school and record their project in a journal. Local news sources, organizations and youth groups love spotlighting kids doing great things! By sharing their story with others they may even encourage someone else to get involved.

Kids love participating by lending a helping hand. They also love knowing that their parents, teachers and peers are proud of them. Make this summer less boring by helping them change the world and we guarantee you it will be the most memorable summer yet! 

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