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What (REALLY) happens when you say ‘No’ to presents?

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You have to be wondering, how are all of these parents getting away with hosting charity parties? Maybe your kid loves hoarding loads of toys, unwrapping mounds of brightly covered gifts, and you’re probably thinking there is absolutely. no. way. they would go for this. Well maybe it’s time we shared some of our insider info.

Here’s what really happens when you eliminate birthday gifts from your kids’ party…


1. You take some of the pressure off the other parents.


2. The kids get to focus on friends and fun! 


3. You avoid the dreaded “time to open presents” debacle.


4. You recognize that entitlement is not something you want to associate with a celebration.


5. There’s more time for cake.


6. You give your child an opportunity to do something good. (Kids Can Give Too)


7. You’ve taken the stress off of your party venue (even if venue means your home)


8. Less toys in your future = less cleaning, organizing


9. Party cleanup is quick and easy.


10. Presents from family mean so much more (they won’t even miss the other stuff)!


So if you already have your fill of dolls, cars and things that bounce maybe it’s time to start the conversation. A conversation that begins with let’s try something new this year. We guarantee it might just be the most memorable birthday party yet! 


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