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Why Ronald McDonald House is a Perfect Choice for a Charity Birthday Party

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Kids helping kids is kind of a big deal. Especially when the impact the kid is having can change a life! Ronald McDonald House is one of our Kids Can Give Too charities that has a huge impact on kids’ lives.

Recently we have been touring a few of the Ronald McDonald Houses, New York, Charleston (South Carolina), Long Branch (New Jersey) and Durham (North Carolina) to name a few. We’ve learned so much about how they came to be and the things they are doing to make families as comfortable as possible while their kids fight medical battles.

Ronald McDonald House New York

Ronald McDonald Houses offer a place to stay, regardless of family income, when children need to be hospitalized. Whether it’s for days, weeks, months or years,  they provide a room and home-like facilities near hospitals where kids are being treated, but this is just the start.

They do so much more for families than just providing a room. They provide meals and kitchen facilities and if you follow any of their social media pages, you’ll see many photos of eager volunteers who cook, restaurants that provide food and donations and families who stop by to share various requested donations. You can tell by the photos and the comments that these communities love supporting the work they are doing! 

Ronald McDonald House Durham

Ronald McDonald Houses also provide play areas and tech rooms where parent’s and kids can use computers to email and catch up with their friends and family back home. They recognize that not every kid is being treated in their home town and that contact with their community is a huge help in recovery. Some of the larger houses even have planned activities over weekends and holidays, and they offer camps for other children who may be staying in a House to support a sibling. We also came across a house that provides teachers to help the kids keep up with their school work while receiving their medical care.

Ronald McDonald House Media Lounge

Each house has unique features. Ronald McDonald House Durham honors guests by allowing each family to decorate a ceiling tile to memorialize their stay. Some are the happiest stories with the most creative design, others are beautiful,  but tell a sad story.

Ronald McDonald House Durham Ceiling Tiles

Ronald McDonald House Durham

Here are a few of Ronald McDonald House Charleston’s 2015 accomplishments.

Ronald McDonald House Charleston 2015 Success Stories

Ronald McDonald Houses are incredible places. Every time we visit a house,  we are greeted by friendly, supportive and kind staff who are willing to do all they can for a family when they need it most and that is why they are the perfect choice for a charity birthday party! 

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