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Why We Love Celebrating Birthdays and You Should Too

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Your special day comes once a year. For adults, it becomes less of a party and more of a reflection, but for a kid it’s the most exciting and awaited day of the year! Maybe we should take notes from the kids and celebrate every birthday as they would, after all it’s not about where or when you party, it’s about how you party!

The Guests

A birthday party is a perfect opportunity to gather your friends and family. Busy lives, work, school and other planned activities fill family schedules and make it hard to plan social activities, but a birthday celebration is an event that people make themselves available to attend. A birthday party should be focused around spending time with people you love.

The Fun

Birthday parties are defined by fun. The theme, the decorations and the games are all part of the party atmosphere. Planning a party can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you need help, check out our FREE Birthday Party Planning Guide with a Checklist.

The Cake

Who doesn’t LOVE cake? Cupcakes vs. Cupcakes, Super Heroes vs. Barbies, birthday cake trends have made cake the headlining event of every party. Don’t forget the ice cream, candles and yes, it’s still expected for everybody to chime in for at least one round of Happy Birthday!

The Opportunity to Give

We love the opportunity to hang out with friends, family, enjoy fun and favorite treats, but most of all we LOVE birthdays for the opportunity to give! Charity birthday parties are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional gift giving at parties. There are few opportunities where kids can single handedly participate in giving. Kids Can Give Too allows kids to easily share half of their gifts with a charity without a financial commitment from their parents. When you host a charity birthday party with Kids Can Give Too the child receives the rest of the money on a VISA Card to buy their dream gift, eliminating unwanted gifts and helping others at the same time, Everybody Wins!


We LOVE celebrating birthdays!

We LOVE that the focus of the party is on friends and family and fun rather than the stresses of gifts and “stuff.”

We LOVE that kids are changing the world, one birthday at a time!  

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