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You’re Probably Wondering Why We Are Giving Away $2k

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You might have seen our contest ads popping up in your inboxes or in your feeds and thought, why would Kids Can Give Too just give away $2k?

The short answer is charities need money to do all of the great things they do, but if you have a little more time, read on and see just why giving away $2,000 means so much more!

When we launched our $2k On the Way For Your Favorite Chari-TAY contest, we ourselves wondered ‘what is $2k in the big scheme of things?’ so, we asked each of the 10 charities participating how $2k would change their worlds….


And here’s what they said…

RMHCharlestonWHY.jpgHelp Ronald McDonald House Charleston Win $2,000
Learn More about Ronald McDonald House Charleston

Raleigh_Moms_Why.jpgHelp Raleigh Moms Care Win $2,000
earn More about Raleigh Moms Care

Lucys_Love_Bus_What_2k_Means.jpgHelp Lucy’s Love Bus Win $2,000
Learn More About Lucy’s Love Bus

Help Our Military Kids Win $2,000

Learn More About Our Military Kids

Miracle_League_2k.jpgHelp Miracle League Win $2,000
Learn More About the Grand Strand Miracle League


Help Surf Dreams Foundation Win $2,000
Learn More About Surf Dreams Foundation

CaninesForDisabledKids_2k.jpgHelp Canines For Disabled Kids Win $2000
Learn More About Canines For Disabled Kids

Simon_Says_Give2k.jpgHelp Simon Says Give Win $2,000
Learn More About Simon Says Give 

Help Teach My People Win $2,000
Learn More About Teach My People

Each of these charities have very special dreams and missions to change the lives of children! By giving away $2,000 we are able not only to spread the word about Kids Can Give Too Charity Birthday Parties that will help these charities throughout 2016, we are also able to make a major impact on the lives of others right now, with your help! Will you take a minute to be part of something great?

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